The Kolossi Grill Restaurant began life in 1966. At the time it was the only restaurant on Rosebery Avenue and attracted the custom of journalists from nearby Fleet Street.  Four decades later the surrounding area has flourished and is bustling with shops and cuisines from around the world.

Kolossi is a cozy Greek Cypriot restaurant. We pride ourselves  on providing fresh, homemade food cooked to traditional recipes just like mana used to make.

We are well known for our mezes, a great way to sample lots of different dishes all in one sitting. We even have a 'mini-meze' for when you are short on time; ideal as a pre-theatre meal.

The name Kolossi is taken from the region and famous castle situated in Cyprus a few kilometres from the shores of Limassol. It was made famous by Richard I of England, also known Lion Heart as he was the brave soldier who conquered the island. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Kolossi Grill Restaurant.

For reservations please contact us on : 020 7278 5758


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